Wendy’s takes its fresh, never frozen beef seriously. So when Twitter user "Thuggy-D" replied to a Wendy's Tweet saying they MUST freeze their beef (how could it arrive at the restaurant safely otherwise?) we took him to task in a simple, hilarious way: by reminding him about the miracle of refrigeration.


The exchange went viral, leading thousands of other Twitter users to ask Wendy’s to roast them. Our community management team was up to the task, firing off jokes for days, becoming an internet meme almost instantly.


The result was over 20 million Twitter profile visits, 190 million impressions, and a 407% increase in brand conversation volume over a ten day period. More importantly, we’ve established Wendy’s brand voice in an organic, high profile way by just doing what we do every day.


Wendy’s Twitter account went viral by burning someone so bad that they deleted theirs.