Despite several years of record-breaking tourism numbers, the state of Tennessee was seeing the number of millennial visitors decreasing. Since millennials spend hours a day on Snapchat, we decided to launch our own channel to engage with them. But it's the hardest platform to build a following on. 


Garth Brooks was about to earn his 7th diamond, making him the biggest selling U.S. solo artist of all time (even bigger than The Beatles). Since all of his music was made in Tennessee, our idea was to bring him back to Nashville to celebrate with a free concert and make Tennessee’s new Snapchat channel the only way in. 


The campaign immediately made international news, leading to 31,000+ Snapchat followers overnight.

-       The show “sold out” in less than 3 minutes.

-       6,000,000+ snap views in less than 3 weeks.

-       People came from 43 states and 5 countries to attend the event. 

-       Every seat was filled and thousands more listened from outside the venue.

-       Generated nearly 1 billion media impressions.