43% of Americans don't drink enough water. They have started adopting other beverages to quench their thirst, not necessarily hydrate themselves leading to health issues such as obesity and type ll diabetes. How do you make water the choice of beverage against the lure and promise of taste and flavor? 



We asked Grammy winning singer Ashanti to release her upcoming single  ‘Let’s Go’ with a dehydrated voice. People were asked to send her virtual water using #DrinkUpAshanti. The more water she received, the more her vocals improved and helped release the song in it’s full glory. 




Music Video
The music video and Ashanti's voice improved as tweets of digital water with #DrinkUpAshanti came in.
A website was created for the music video where fans could see which elements in the video was hydrated by their tweet and further share it to their social channels. 



  • Over 620 million impressions
  • Over 15 million in earned media
  • Celebrities such as Ja Rule, Flo Rida, Dr Oz and many more joined in
  • Water brands joined the campaign to send Ashant water
  • The initiative also convinved NBA superstar to signup with water filteration brand Brita instead of a high paying soda brand
  • First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama took notice



“Drink Up is proving that if we promote healthier options in fun and exciting ways, and make those options affordable and accessible for families, we can continue to make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

- Michelle Obama -