To help convince potential tourists that Nashville, Tennessee wasn't just a country music town, but one of the most musically diverse cities in America, we created the documentary, For The Love Of Music. It was essentially a 60-minute commercial featuring some of the biggest names in music that ran at no media cost on one of the largest television networks in the world. But, we needed a way to turn the film into actual visits to Nashville.


The musicians featured in the film not only live in Nashville, they're industry chart toppers. And their fans are die-hard. They want to hangout in the same bar where they played their first gig, grab at drink at their favorite local watering hole, and stand on the same street corner they were discovered on. The Story of Nashville app gives them that chance. It functions in two ways: First, as a second screen experience that connects viewers, and the stories in the film, to actual places in Nashville. And second, as a personal tour guide once they were in town. Here's how it works: Using audio fingerprinting, the app automatically syncs with the film—revealing little known stories about the people and places featured in the film as viewers are watching it. Viewers can then save the locations that spark their interest—creating custom tours of Nashville inspired by the musicians they idolize. As soon as they get to town, the app’s geo-fencing technology recognizes where they are and launches an interactive map of their custom tour, plus other must-see locations. As they explore Nashville, the app becomes their walking tour guide, alerting them when something worth checking out is nearby.