It’s easier to be prepared when you know what’s ahead. But that’s the trouble with cold and flu—there’s never been a way to know when symptoms will strike. Historical patterns aren’t reliable, and most online tools only show current outbreaks, not a forecast of what’s to come. So this year, when Kleenex® wanted to help mom prepare before cold and flu reached her family, we knew what we had to do: predict the unpredictable.


By combining multiple data sources like CDC reports, bird migration patterns and social chatter, we developed achoo by Kleenex*—a tool that can actually predict when cold and flu will reach any area of the US or Canada. On the responsive website, mom can enter her zip code to see her family’s cold and flu risk for the next three weeks (with up to 88% accuracy), sign up for triggered alerts, share forecasts via social media, and find helpful tips to get her through the season. And while there’s also a coupon for Kleenex® Tissues, we were careful to make sure the experience didn't come off as overly salesy, and kept the focus on what really on what matters to mom: the care and well-being of her family.


Following the launch of Achoo by Kleenex, purchase intent increased by more than 11% over previous major online brand initiatives. Buzz and conversations spiked, too, with  a major uptick in social engagement (289%) and several prominent media mentions, including two separate features in FastComapny.