Attract a new audience to the Folly Theater, a historic performing arts venue.


The target audience is addicted to their phones. But theaters everywhere tell people to turn their phones off. Rather than making people power down, we asked them to leave their phones on and help direct how the action on stage would unfold throughout the night. Through a mobile app* they downloaded before taking their seats, the audience voted on costumes, props, songs and more. They controlled how much clothing a dancer took off during a peep show. They participated in a burlesque name generator and helped shine their own virtual spotlights. They received real-time information about the venue and connected with the cast. And they saw the results of their efforts play out live on stage. Plus every moment of the night was shareable, helping build immediate buzz for the theater.

*Please note that the app can be downloaded from the App Store and some screens can be viewed. But for the full experience, it was necessary to attend the live performance.